Bird Netting Pest Problems

We supply and fit bird netting to protect storage areas, outdoor buildings. Our netting is fitted to meet industrial standards

Feral Pigeon

Descended from medieval domestic pigeons, this mixed wild

population live freely in towns and cities, causes widespread fouling

of buildings and transmit bird and human disease


Herring Gull

A large aggressive bird with powerful beak and more recently

causing significant problems by colonising buildings and bringing

noise, mess and smells to these urban breeding sites. Adult birds

are known to attack anyone they feel is a threat to their nest.  It is,

therefore, considered prudent to install proofing against gulls before

nesting begins in April.  Audible scare tactics have met with some s

hort term success.



This familiar town bird can cause problems when large numbers

(1000's) gather for night roosting.  Such gatherings are accompanied

by noise and smell.  The fungi associated with extensive quantities of

droppings due to these gatherings can cause human diseases.  Distress

call recordings can be used with some success to prevent night roosting.


House Sparrow

These best known of city birds also cause major problems for the

food industry when populating warehouses and retail premises

resulting in damage and fouling of stored food. Their agility and

small size make these birds difficult to control. These birds have

no known distress call.





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